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Doway brings to bear Mobility's engineering expertise to provide optimised solutions for transport infrastructure, so as to reduce integration and operating costs.

Design, studies and consultancy

  • During the design phase to advise on optimised solutions
  • During the implementation phase to ensure compliance with project plans
  • Support to ensure the expertise of the teams involved

Operational safery engineering

  • Ensure the overall performance of the system using a recognised scientific approach throughout the entire life cycle
  • Use proven scientific tools to demonstrate the safety of the system designed

Simulation, sizing and optimisation of networks

  • Optimise consumption on existing lines
  • Optimise the scale of the energy network for future lines
  • Anticipate enhancements to the network

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Energy recovery system

  • This solution has received two awards: Trophées de la transition énergétique 2015 for sustainable transport, and the Vinci Innovation Award for sustainable development in the Rhône-Alpes region.

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Cway, fleet charging system

A new decree on clean buses is due to come into force in France in 2020, and local authorities are becoming increasingly aware of environmental issues. As a result, the use of electric buses on public transport networks is expanding quickly.

But the widespread introduction of this mode of transport on some or all lines of a transport network requires operating companies to address new issues in order to charge their fleet of buses.

These issues include depot sizing and equipment, electricity supply, management of recharging time and vehicle stoppage time, and management of range and mileage travelled by each vehicle. The Cway bus fleet charging system is designed to rise to all of these challenges.

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