About us

Mobility is a specialised subsidiary of VINCI Energies, involved in the design, equipment, management and safety of transport infrastructure.

It operates in four main areas, namely roads, tunnels, rail transport and urban transport, with a single aim: never stop the flow.


Instead of the term “international”, which implies the export of know-how to various markets, we prefer the term “universality”. This implies an ability to adapt to any culture, philosophy or regional development planning and transport infrastructure policy.


Our contribution is not just limited to the provision of tried and tested technical solutions. We aim to implement intelligent solutions that offer added value, based in particular on the commitment of the 200 engineers and technicians in our Engineering Department. 




Project-focused organisation

Experience is invaluable, but we also know that every project is a new and unique challenge. Instead of an organisation focused around specialist fields, we create a team entirely dedicated to each new project. For maximum efficiency, this team possesses not only the technical skills required for the type of project, but also the multi-disciplinary skills required to address administrative, legal and financial aspects.


Our experience has been forged through work on an extremely wide variety of projects, in terms of type of work, context, scale, and the number and activities of parties involved. This has enabled us to hone our ability to adapt and be proactive. As a result, we have the agility to handle even the most complex projects.