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Infrastructure safety systems

Self-driving cars, driverless metros, intelligent infrastructure: these innovations serve not only to improve the performance and reliability of our solutions for the transportation of people and goods, but also to increase safety. Crossway enables safe and efficient operation of your transport infrastructure.


  • Tramway signalling
  • Metro signalling: interlocking, speed control, automatic train stop
  • Main lines signalling: connected terminal infrastructure (ports, industrial sites, etc.),secondary, private and tourist networks, ERTMS
  • Management of rail/road traffic flows: level crossings, traffic light controls, multimodal optimisation
  • Power supply safety systems: traction logic, remote lock-out, safe earthing
  • Automatic safety systems: platform screen doors, ventilation, special systems
  • Development of safety software: traction systems, power supply, signalling
  • Centralised safety control: operating and control centre, supervision, warehouse management systems
  • Infrastructure safety equipment for self-driving vehicles Development of one-off safety systems for our customers


  • Turnkey projects
  • Execution of work packages subcontracted by general contractors
  • Lump sum studies
  • Software and systems development
  • Expert assignments, audits, verifications


  • Transport authorities (tram, metro, heavy rail)
  • General contractors
  • Ports and industrial sites (connected terminal infrastructure)
  • Private or tourist networks
  • Infrastructure management companies and operators


Change management
Safety first
Non-proprietary and customised systems

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