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Cway, fleet charging system

Urban transport networks are gradually making the switch to electric vehicles, which raises the question of charging. Charging one bus is easy. But what about charging 20, or 50, or 200? The Cway bus fleet charging system has been designed to meet this need.




By spreading out the load, Cway eliminates peaks in consumption and thus reduces infrastructure and operating costs.

Battery life


By collecting and analysing operational data from buses, as well as weather and traffic data, Cway charges the batteries each night based on the forecast needs and constraints of the day to come, thus ensuring an optimal level of charge.



Cway is designed to grow as the fleet of buses and the number of lines in the network expand.




Cway makes life easier: a single point of contact will manage your turnkey project and ensures the availability of an intuitive and multi-platform interface.

Mentions in the media

An award-winning solution

Prix Innovation Vinci2017



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