Development and integration of charging systems for electric buses. Comprehensive, standard or made-to-measure solution providing a response to all issues affecting electric bus charging, from the mains supply connection through to charging outlets.

A smart solution for charging e-bus fleets: Cway

As new clean bus regulations come into effect, urban transport networks will progressively be shifting to all-electric buses. This raises the question of how to charge them. Charging one bus is easy. But what about charging 20, or 50, or 200? The Cway bus fleet charging system has been designed to meet this need.

Automatic management of optimal charging for each bus

  • COST-EFFECTIVE: By spreading out the load, Cway eliminates peaks in consumption and thus reduces infrastructure and operating costs.
  • AUTONOMY: By collecting and analysing operational data from buses, as well as weather and traffic data, Cway charges the batteries each night based on the forecast needs and constraints of the day to come, thus ensuring an optimal level of charge.
  • SCALABILITY: Cway is designed to grow as the fleet of buses and the number of lines in the network expand.
  • SIMPLICITY: Cway makes life easier: a single point of contact will manage your turnkey project and ensures the availability of an intuitive and multi-platform interface.

By collecting and processing operational data, data from buses, as well as weather and traffic data, the system can take actions to ensure that buses are optimally charged. Cway is compatible with all electric buses and can thus meet the needs of all towns and cities. 

An awart-winning solution

Prix Innovation Vinci2017

  • This solution has received the VINCI Innovation Award for sustainable development in the Rhône-Alpes region.


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