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Light rail signalling

Design, production and commissioning of safe light rail signalling systems.

Types of system implemented

Use of safety systems, compliant with CENELEC SIL0, SIL2, SIL3 and SIL4 safety integrity levels, implemented after obtaining commissioning certificates from the competent authorities (ISA, OQA, STRMTG, etc.).

Applicable to urban rapid transit (trams, metros, etc.) and heavy rail (main lines, docks, major industrial sites, etc) systems.

For new work and modifications to operational systems.

  • Interlocking systems using safety PLCs or relays (NS1)
  • Remote control of routing from on board trains
  • Automatic stop mechanisms (passing a restricted signal)
  • Speed control from on board or ground
  • Centralised control with safety or non-safety infrastructure control systems
  • Level crossings
  • Single-line management systems
  • Optimisation of non-segregated road and rail traffic

Modular, non-proprietary safety systems

Production of open systems, modifiable or extendible by third parties, through the use of:

  • An adaptable hardware architecture, using commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) products
  • Clear segregation of functions for ease of modification (hardware and/or software)
  • Studies conducted jointly with customers.
  • Designed with possible third-party enhancements and extensions in mind.

A straightforward, reliable and affordable solution

Key advantages of our solutions: open systems, compact and modular design, speed of fixtures and deployment.


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