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Railway activities

Installation, renewal and maintenance of overhead catenary systems 

Top priority: safety

  • Golden rule: Every day, every employee must return home in good health.
  • A high level of vigilance regarding the risk of falling from a height and electrical risks
  • Particular attention paid to workstation ergonomics and staff comfort

Work on 1500 V DC or 25000 V AC facilities

  • Work performed with power disconnected
  • Set up of temporary facilities
  • Dismantling of overhead catenary lines, replacement of brackets
  • Unwinding of contact lines
  • Regeneration of unit
  • Adaptation of the station zone signal box
  • “Midi” overhead catenary line

Optimisation of the works train, an awarded innovation

Prix Innovation Vinci2017

Design and production of fixed electric traction facilities for rail network infrastructure

Work on all types of electrical supply and telecommunications networks

Work on overhead catenary electrification lines (new, refurbishment and regeneration)

  • Power supply substations and electrical units along the line
  • Overhead catenary lines: electrification at 25/15 kV AC and 3000/1500/750 V DC
  • Signalling and telecommunications (GSM-R)