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Urban rail networks

Development and integration of electrical systems intended for urban transport infrastructure, including metro, tram, trolleybus and electric bus networks.

In the specialist fields of traction energy, overhead contact lines and railway signals:

  • Conversion and distribution of traction energy
  • Digital protection of electrical networks
  • Overhead contact and catenary lines
  • SIL4 signalling system
  • Instrumentation and control, and supervision

Energy recovery solutions

Mobility is actively involved in the energy transition process and offers solutions, in collaboration with the Cegelec Prague subsidiary, for energy recovery*, electric traction for rolling stock, and intelligent recharging systems for bus fleets.

* This solution has received two awards: Trophées de la transition énergétique 2015 for sustainable transport, and the Vinci Innovation Award for sustainable development in the Rhône-Alpes region.

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Cway, fleet charging system

Urban transport networks are gradually making the switch to electric vehicles, which raises the question of charging. Charging one bus is easy. But what about charging 20, or 50, or 200? The Cway bus fleet charging system has been designed to meet this need.

Prix Innovation Vinci2017

  • This solution has received the VINCI Innovation Award for sustainable development in the Rhône-Alpes region.


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