A corporate citizen

You don’t design infrastructure without analysing its impact – environmental impact, of course, but also societal.

Mobility entreprise citoyenne

Both with our teams and in our relationships with our customers and partners, social responsibility is at the heart of all our approaches and relies on the VINCI Group Manifesto.

Driven by our beliefs, we are launching many actions designed to continuously improve our performance in this field. By creating a sleep and stress research programme, by striving for professional integration and equality, not to mention through implementing a responsible purchasing policy, we continue to progress and to structure our approach as a corporate citizen.

Mobility was rated « Platinum » by Ecovadis in 2021 and ranks in the Top 1% of the best-performing companies when it comes to CSR.


Gender equality

Mobility obtained an overall score of 88 out of 100 points for the 2020 Gender Equality Index, broken down by index as follows:

  • Pay gap index: 40/40
  • Individual increase rate difference index: 35/35
  • Maternity leave return index: not calculable (no return from maternity leave during the increase period)
  • High pay index: 0/10
  • TOTAL 75/100 weighted at 88/100 because index 3 cannot be calculated.