Lusail tram line, Qatar

Ventilation of underground sections

Date: 2018 – Client: Qatar Rail Company

Tramway de Lusail au Qatar par Mobility

Services provided

As part of the Qatar development programme, numerous projects have been launched, in particular in the field of transport infrastructure. A new city of approximately 200,000 inhabitants is to be created at Lusail, to the north of Doha. By way of public transport, four tram lines are under construction, including underground sections.

Ventilation of underground sections, comprising nine stations and five ventilation shafts.

Technical details

The 47 smoke extraction fans and 14 booster fans in the tunnels will be powered by variable speed drives and controlled by TVS PLCs based on the operating mode (normal, congested, emergency). Around 150 temperature and air velocity sensors installed inside and outside the tunnel will make it possible to control the entire ventilation system.

Key point

First underground public transport system in Qatar.

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