Smart charging station for electric buses, Argenteuil

Enable charging of a fleet of eight electric buses for the first electric bus line in Argenteuil

Date : 2018 – Client : Transdev


Services provided

Turnkey solution including the design, creation, installation and maintenance of the charging system.

Technical details

  • Integration of energy transformation and conversion with a shelter measuring less than 20 m².
  • Energy conversion: Eight EN 61851-23-compliant DC/DC chargers.
  • Six 60 kW chargers (slow charging).
  • Two 120 kW chargers (fast charging).
  • Pre-configured conversion room to house two additional chargers.
  • Connection systems using remote wired charging masts next to the eight buses.
  • DIN 70121-compliant PLC communication protocol.
  • Remote monitoring system in the operating and maintenance rooms.


  • First all-in-one charging system: from high-voltage connection to the outlet.
  • Interoperability: First system to demonstrate its ability to charge buses from different manufacturers.
  • Compact solution (< 20 m²) installed at the depot with no need for a building permit.
  • Scalable for the ability to charge up to 10 buses from multiple manufacturers simultaneously.
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