Railway signalling, T2-T3 tram line, Nice

Manage traffic safety on lines T2 and T3 of the Nice tram system

Date 2017/ 2019 – Client : Métropole Nice Côte d’Azur

tramway de nice T2-T3 par mobility

Services provided

  • Design, supply, installation and commissioning of the new-generation railway signalling system using safety PLCs along the entire line, on the surface and in tunnels, as well as at the maintenance centre.
  • A system that is more compact, more scalable and faster to roll out than the traditional system with N.S1 relays.
  • Training for operating and maintenance staff.
  • Automatic route control using mission codes assigned to a train, from the driver’s cab or at the switch.
  • Detection via SIL4 axle counters and loops.
  • Use of an Automatic Train Stop (ATS) to manage signalling block systems in tunnels.

Technical details

  • On the line: 4 termini, 2 disconnections, 3 interim service areas, 10 tunnel spacing areas and one safety area near the airport, for a total of 40 signalled routes.
  • At the Maintenance Centre: movement between two sidings, one workshop, one service station and one washer, i.e. 100 single or compound routes.
  • 10 SIL4 safety PLCs.
  • Supply of on-board equipment for 25 trains and two track maintenance machines.
  • Interface with a centralised technical management system, an operational support system, light signals, rolling stock, tunnel infrastructures (ventilation, doors), etc…


  • Assessment of SIL4 software by an Independent Safety Assessor.
  • CENELEC SIL4 safety for detection and manoeuvring area management functions.
  • Innovative management of tram manoeuvring areas in tunnels.
  • A custom, turnkey signalling system incorporating the specific needs of the operator.
  • Staggered commissioning over five sections.

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