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Anthony Boyat

Anthony Boyat

This water sports fan in his 30s is Mobility's Mr Prevention. Supervision, control and awareness are the watchwords for his risk prevention activities.

Tell us about your university studies and career path to date.

Following an advanced vocational training certificate in electrotechnical engineering, I joined Mobility in 2006, within the lines and networks design office. Next, I was a works supervisor on the project to deploy speed cameras in France. I have been safety coordinator since 2015.

What does your job entail?

My role is to ensure that the health and safety protection plan is implemented to safeguard Mobility's staff.

For each project, I work with the manager to draw up a health and safety protection plan and ensure its deployment on the site.

To this end, I conduct a visit at the start of the project, primarily to check the base camps and identify any areas for improvement. Then, during the course of the project, I oversee compliance with prevention principles and help to manage any safety-related incidents that may arise.

In parallel, I perform administrative and regulatory oversight, via dedicated applications. The regulatory oversight application used at VINCI Energies is Preventeo. For the safety training and accreditation of personnel, we use an application called Mimosa.

I also take part in safety working groups for major projects.

Over and above inspections, I imagine that safety best practices are also conveyed through awareness-raising initiatives.

Yes, absolutely. We conduct various activities to raise awareness. The key event is the Vinci Energies Safety Week, during which managers are invited to get to grips with the subject and organise discussions sessions in this area with their teams. Last year, there was a particular focus on fatigue and stress, linked with the Improve Your Way programme.

2017 also saw the launch of the Risk Perception Index (RPI), which is intended to encourage all employees to report hazardous situations and near-misses, in line with VINCI Energies' key message of “Look, alert, share”.

Management staff deliver 15-minute safety meetings at all worksites, as a way of sharing experience and performing regular prevention and awareness-raising activities.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Being in contact with all managers and thus being able to work on various sites and activities. I enjoy the diversity and versatility of my role, and the autonomy that I have in this job. Moreover, Mobility's management is proactive with regard to safety issues, which brings me greater satisfaction in my role.

What is the most important quality for someone in your role?

I think that the essential thing is to look out for others, to care about the well-being of employees.

Outside work, how do you spend your time?

During my free time, I am water sports instructor and boat driver. And safety is always the top priority!