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Cécile Fricot

Cécile Fricot

Cécile Fricot is a member of Mobility's management committee and oversees the company's overall performance. She helps teams to define and improve their organisational and operational methods, and provides support for their digital transformation.

Tell us about your career path to date.

I graduated from ENSAM (a French engineering school), and began my career working in organisational consultancy. I then branched off into the public works and construction sector, working as a project leader at Ineo. I joined Mobility in 2005 in a project optimisation role, which was a combination of my two previous roles.

In 2010, you became a member of Mobility's management committee.

Yes, I joined the management committee when Mobility was created, in the role of Project Management Officer (PMO). At the time, the concept of a PMO was relatively new.

I often compare a project to a small business. The role of the PMO is to help to define the organisational and operational methods for that small business, while complying with Mobility's fundamental principles.

I am therefore involved in all the variables specific to a project, particularly at its launch and at different stages throughout the project life cycle, in relation to improvement actions, shortcomings, audits, etc.

At the end of the project, I am involved in adding to our expertise by capitalising on feedback.

Large-scale and complex projects in particular call for thought to be put into organisation.




What else does your role entail?

From PMO in 2010, my role has evolved towards providing global support for the company's performance. In particular, this entails the coordination of working groups to implement improvements. For example, we have rethought and improved the process for welcoming new recruits to the company. We have also renewed our ISO 9001 certification under the new 2015 version of the standard, and have extended certification to our Swiss subsidiary. This is a guarantee of quality and thoroughness, and enhances the value of our actions in our customers' eyes.

In order to progress further, we will be working, along with Virginie Boullot (a recent newcomer to my team), on coordinating our CSR* commitments. At present, Mobility is involved in numerous initiatives relating to safety, biodiversity, social insertion, support for Electricians Without Borders, and fatigue management through a research programme ( Our aim is to obtain recognition for this initiative in its entirety, by making it a factor by which we differentiate ourselves from our competitors.

Finally, for the past year, I have been assisting with the company's digital transformation. My role is to incorporate digital solutions into the company's working and operating methods and projects. The aim is to making improvements in terms of performance and efficiency.

As a first step in this digital transformation, we have provided all worksite staff with smartphones, thus enabling them to have a more immediate connection with the company (email communication, access to newsletters and the website, feedback on hazardous situations, etc.). This initiative paid off, as the worksite teams reacted very positively.

Nevertheless, we have a lot more to do on digital transformation, both on our worksites and at our offices.

You are a female engineer in a managerial role. It's an unusual situation and worthy of note.

Ever since my university studies, I have found myself in a male-dominated environment. Now, I am in a managerial role, working a four-day week. I have never perceived any obstacle to my advancement because I am a woman, or because I work part-time. This open-minded mentality at Mobility plays a major role in the balance that I have been able to achieve between working in a role of responsibility and maintaining the necessary availability for my home life. For instance, it means that I can be involved in a sports club, for which I act as treasurer.


* Corporate social responsibility