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Corentin Larribe

Corentin Larribe

Corentin Larribe is a student at the École Centrale de Lyon. He has been with Mobility on a work-study programme since September 2015. He tells us about his on-the-job training on our projects, and his desire to travel.

What stage are you at in your higher education?

Having completed a preparatory course at Polytech Grenoble and a technical diploma in physical measurements, I enrolled at Centrale Lyon, specialising in energy sources, design and installations, with a focus on renewable energy. I am currently in my second year and have been on a work-study programme with Mobility since September 2015.

What projects are you working on as part of your work-study programme?

Since I started here, I have been working on tramway electrification projects: initially I helped my mentor on the T3 project (link) and then I worked on proposals for LuxTram  and CasaTram.

We won the LuxTram proposal last June and since then, I have been deputy project leader.

What does your work entail?

My assignments are dictated by the project life cycle. The aim of my work-study programme is to receive training in all aspects of project management: scheduling management, purchasing, procurement, creation of technical documents, and so on.

LuxTram is the first project for which I will have certain responsibilities and a level of autonomy. It is therefore the most important project of these three years of training.

As part of my training, I have to carry out an assignment abroad - this was one of the reasons that I chose this particular programme, as I want to travel! Given that Mobility has projects in various countries, including Canada, Qatar, Switzerland and Russia, there should be plenty of opportunities!



Are you happy with your decision to choose Mobility for your work-study programme?

Very! I received a warm welcome and my assignments have been well thought out in terms of training. This will provide me with solid foundations on which to start my career.

What are your plans and desires after your training?

The advantage of project management is that it leaves lots of options open to me.

For the time being, I am more interested in technical aspects (understanding infrastructure operations) than management aspects. With regards to a sector of activity, electrical transport and buses in particular appeal to me, as this ties in with my personal convictions and my training. Generally speaking, I am interested in the renewable energy sector, including biomass, solar power and wind turbines. But I haven't made any decisions yet: I'm keeping all doors open.