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Franck Peigneaux

Franck Peigneaux

This 27-year old engineer has already been around the world, and is currently working for Mobility in Qatar. He talks to us about tunnel ventilation and expatriate life.

What is your background?


After an advanced vocational training certificate in energy, I studied electronics and electrotechnology at an engineering school in Amiens. I specialised in energy engineering for buildings, and carried out my apprenticeship as an HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) project manager with a company in Lyon.


After my studies, I took a year out to travel around the world, with friends at the beginning, and later on my own. I went to South-East Asia, New Zealand, Latin America and around Europe by train.


How long have you worked for Mobility?

When I returned to France, I was hired at Mobility, in September 2015, as a ventilation design engineer on the Lusail tram project in Qatar. By way of public transport, four tram lines are under construction, including underground sections. The Mobility/Cegelec Qatar consortium is responsible for the package of tunnel ventilation system services, which comprises all services relating to ventilation of the underground sections.

What is your role within the Qatari project?

I started out working from Lyon and then, in May, I moved to Qatar to monitor customer relations on the ground. Mobility is a subcontractor, so we are not in direct contact with the end customer, but there is a lot of interaction and problems to be resolved with the intermediaries.

How long have you worked for Mobility?

The challenges of this project relate, of course, to smoke extraction, but above all to maintaining an acceptable temperature during very hot periods. To this end, around 150 temperature and air velocity sensors installed inside and outside the tunnels will enable the regulation of the entire ventilation system. (Link:

Today, in addition to my design hat, I am also responsible for the technical validation of suppliers.

Tell us about expatriate life in Qatar…


There are around ten Mobility employees in Qatar. We live in a pleasant neighbourhood in Doha, not far from the souk. There are a lot of expatriates in Qatar, as there are a host of construction projects on which European engineers are employed. Qatar has around 2.6 million inhabitants, of whom 80% are foreigners! I have a real taste for travel, so it's very rewarding to be able to work abroad on my very first job.


What are your plans after Qatar?

My assignment here comes to an end in December. After that, I will continue to work on the project, but from Lyon. I enjoy my work as a design engineer: it enables you to get a good understanding of how a system is thought out and put together. My training is in the ventilation of buildings, but when I started working for Mobility, I got a lot of support from a colleague who is proficient in tunnel ventilation.

And when you are not working, what are your hobbies? 

I play a lot of sport: before coming to Doha, I belonged to a volleyball club and played badminton. Here, I play squash with my colleagues.