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Jean-Marc Grossetête

Jean-Marc Grossetête

From Saudi Arabia to Slovakia, via French Guiana, this sexagenarian has been about. He is currently working with Omexom on the construction of photovoltaic power stations in Senegal.

Tell us about your university studies and career path to date.

Having graduated from the ECAM engineering school in Lyon, I started work at Entreprise Industrielle (now INEO). I worked on a project abroad in Saudi Arabia. Subsequently, I set up a branch office in French Guiana, and then another in Réunion. I was based in Lyon and travelled regularly.

After 21 years at Entreprise Industrielle, I joined Cegelec in 2002 as manager of the Industrial Works business unit. Next, I worked on the proposals for a tunnel in Slovakia, and for a nuclear project in Tricastin (France).

After overseeing the technical management of the equipment package for the three tunnels on the A89 motorway up until it opened in 2012, I worked as project leader on the renovation of railway power substations, and then on the Sud Europe Atlantique Tours-Bordeaux high-speed railway line.

Today, you have been seconded by Mobility to Omexom Solar, a Vinci Energies Power & Mobility company. Tell us more.

Omexom Solar, a company specialising in renewable energies, needed resources for a photovoltaic power station project in Senegal. The project entails renovating seven 25-year old power stations and the construction of one new station, with a total budget of around €30 million.

Thanks to the close collaboration between the various entities of Vinci Energies, it was possible for me to lend my experience to Omexom.

I work during the week in Montpellier and return home to Lyon at the weekend - last year, I clocked up 75,000 km by high-speed train! For the moment, I carry out occasional site visits, but these will increase as work progresses.

What does your role as project leader entail on a day-to-day basis?

There are two project leaders supervising a team of around 12 staff. This team will grow, eventually reaching an on-site workforce of 35 people.

I oversee the work of the design office, customer requests, purchasing and procurement and the logistics relating to exports, and relations with subcontractors.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

My career has been made up of five-year cycles, with each enabling me to discover a new area. My strong points are definitely my great capacity to adapt and my endless curiosity. Today, I am learning about solar energy. I enjoy working on major projects that offer a long-term view. This project is therefore a great opportunity for me.

On a day-to-day basis, I appreciate the diversity of my tasks and the wealth of interaction with others. I was very well received by the staff at Omexom Solar. And discovering Senegal is a very rewarding experience.

What do you do when you're not working? I gather you’re a multiple finisher of the Embrun Ironman Triathlon.

I have held various roles in sports clubs since 1985. I am now president of the regional triathlon league, which has 8000 members. And yes, I compete in triathlons myself.