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Juan Camarena

Juan Camarena

Juan Camarena, a young Spanish engineer, left Valencia for France. This Francophile is now a junior project leader within the Doway business unit, where he is working on innovative developments for electric buses.

Tell us about your studies.

I graduated from the Technical University of Valencia (UPV), where I studied civil engineering. As part of a university exchange programme, I carried out a year of my studies at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL), specialising in transport. This experience in Switzerland was very rewarding, on both professional and personal levels, and enabled me to learn French. After my stay in Switzerland, I knew I wanted to work in a French-speaking environment.

So, I undertook my end-of-degree work placement in Paris, in an engineering department specialising in urban development, with a particular focus on transport infrastructures issues. 

What can you tell us about your role at Mobility?

I joined the Mobility team after my studies, in October 2016, in the context of the Nurturing talent programme. I am a junior project leader within the Doway business unit. I am learning about what project leadership entails: interfacing with all of the Mobility support functions and acquiring new skills so as to be able to manage more complex projects later on. The Nurturing talent programme has greatly facilitated my integration.


I am currently working on a project for an electric bus line at Argenteuil and on proposals for infrastructure to recharge electric buses. Mobility offers added value in the form of the recently launched Cway solution to optimise the recharging of electric bus fleets at depots. Electric buses are an innovative area and, from the outset, I have been able to contribute to Mobility's approach to this new market.

What do you enjoy most about your job??

I am in direct contact with all of the stakeholders involved in the project, including customers and suppliers, and I find this interpersonal aspect very rewarding.

It is also very motivating to coordinate all of the activities that will bring a project to fruition and thus deliver operational transport infrastructure for end users. 

Do you like Lyon?

Yes, very much. It's a very dynamic city. And it's close to the Alps, so it's easy to go skiing and hiking. I also play tennis, and football during my lunch breaks!