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Nurturing Talents

Nurturing Talents

Six young graduates share their experience of Mobility’s Nurturing Talent programme, which provides a tailored introduction to their career, under the guidance of a mentor, allowing them to quickly become familiar with our methods and self-sufficient in their jobs. In their words, it offers a great transition between university and professional life.

Tell us about your university studies.

Théo Valex: After preparatory classes, I attended the ENSE3 engineering school in Grenoble, specialising in instrumentation, control and supervision systems. I then joined Mobility’s Roads and Tunnels business unit as a junior design engineer.

Ramy Rizk: After a degree course at the Lebanese University, I was accepted at the INP ENSEEIHT engineering school in Toulouse, specialising in electrical engineering and automation.

Florian Reissner: I studied aerospace technology at the Technical University of Berlin. I subsequently attended the École Centrale in Marseille as part of an exchange programme, then went on to Chicago. After working for a start-up in Berlin for a year, I applied to Mobility to be able to return to France.

Yassir Osman: I first attended a university course at Polytech Lille, and was then admitted to the INSA engineering school, specialising in electrical engineering. My final year included a placement at Mobility, and I am now a junior project leader within the Tram Signalling business unit.

Mathilde Motte: After graduating from the École des Ponts et Chaussées engineering school, with a specialisation in industrial engineering, I worked at an innovation consultancy firm in Australia, then undertook a final year of study at Berkeley. On my return to France, I joined Mobility as a junior project leader in the Urban Rail business unit.

Idriss Douhi: After a degree in mechanical engineering and production science, I specialised in mechanical engineering at the ENISE engineering school. I subsequently joined Mobility’s Rail business unit as a design trainee, before being hired as a junior design engineer.


How did you hear about the Nurturing Talent programme or about Mobility?

Ramy Rizk: Vinci Energies is a partner of ENSEEIHT, and I heard about Mobility at a careers fair at the school.

Yassir Osman: I had met Mobility’s recruitment manager at a careers fair at INSA, and it was also due to relations between the school and Vinci Energies that I was able to apply for my placement. It is important for me that Mobility is a subsidiary of Vinci Energies.

Théo Valex: I undertook my final year placement at Actemium, another Vinci Energies company. That was when I heard about the Nurturing Talent programme.

Florian Reissner: I found the vacancy at Mobility on the Vinci Energies website. As my studies were not in this field, the training included in the Nurturing Talent programme was an important point for me.

Idriss Douhi: I had heard a lot of good things about Mobility, including the human aspect, the working environment and employee recognition.


What made you want to apply to Mobility?

Florian Reissner: It was just the environment I was looking for! Projects in the aerospace industry last an extremely long time, whereas in transport you can see progress on projects.

Yassir Osman: Working in the transport sector lets you see the immediate benefit of a project for society. Yesterday, I was on a business trip to Nice, and I saw the trams operating.

Ramy Rizk: Lebanese culture attaches importance to trade, travel and new cultures. I was looking for a job that would include all those aspects.



What is your current job? What sort of project are you working on?

Yassir Osman: I am deputy project leader on the railway signalling project for the tram system in Nice.

Théo Valex: I am a design engineer on the dynamic equipment project for the A355 Strasbourg bypass.

Florian Reissner: After bidding for tenders for electric bus charging infrastructure, I have recently joined the ITS business unit, where we are working on deploying the @way traffic management platform in France and abroad.

Mathilde Motte: I am deputy project leader on the railway signalling project for the Caen tram, and also work as a junior project leader on an extension to one line of the Toulouse tram network.

Idriss Douhi: I am working as a design and calculation engineer on the segregated bus lane project for the C3 trolleybus line in Lyon. I am also involved in design work on various rail projects (the Saint Étienne tram, the MVR project in Switzerland, and so on).

Ramy Rizk: I am a design engineer for the Neuchâtel tunnel signalling and ventilation projects and the Moscow-St. Petersburg motorway project.


What have you learnt? What have the benefits been for you?

Florian Reissner: Our status on the Nurturing Talent programme means that colleagues are attentive to our learning needs. And as a foreigner, it has made it easier for me to understand how the company works.

Mathilde Motte: I agree, I've found it very helpful to be able to meet senior managers and access support services easily. Regardless of our status, I find that Mobility staff are very open to passing on their knowledge.

Ramy Rizk: My friends who graduated recently found the start of their career to be stressful, and do not have much in the way of discussions with their project leader. Things are very different for me.


If you had to tell other students about the Nurturing Talent programme, what would you say?

Yassir Osman: The Nurturing Talent programme offers a great transition between university and professional life.

Florian Reissner: This programme enables staff from different generations to discuss their experience and exchange their views. Senior project leaders willingly share their knowledge without worrying about losing their place, and young graduates bring a fresh eye and a scholarly, rigorous attitude. Everyone wins!

Idriss Douhi: The Nurturing Talent programme has given me confidence and experience in a smooth, progressive way.