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Philippe Thierrin

Philippe Thierrin

The son of a railwayman, Philippe Thierrin took to mobility professions from an early age. As warehouse manager at Mobility, he has just received the long service medal for thirty years in the business. Thirty years in one company: Cegelec and now Mobility. An occasion to look back on the career of this employee, who is to some extent the company's memory.


How long have you worked for Mobility?

Since 1982. After passing my baccalaureate F3 (electrical engineer), I went to work for Cegelec as an adjuster. I used to start up machines in factories. I started out at Andrézieux-Bouthéon, one of the most modern factories in Europe. I was frequently called in to upgrade the equipment, on assembly lines or to relocate production machines: SEITA, Orangina, Valéo, etc.

​In 1997, I moved to the Saint-Maurice-de-Beynost site as instruments manager. Then I was promoted to become the tools manager for the work sites in 1999. At the time, Cegelec's Centre-East warehouse centralized the equipment specific to business sectors as diverse as services, industry, nuclear or even railways. I have been the warehouse manager at Mobility since September 2012. I am also on the Facility Management team. For instance, I check the quality of the Mobility staff's working environment at the Saint-Maurice-de-Beynost site and I monitor all the works.

What does a day's work entail for you?

I receive the equipment requests of the site managers, then I deal with the orders to suppliers. The equipment is delivered directly to the work sites in 90% of cases. Regarding computer hardware, I take delivery of the equipment and it is configured before being sent to the work sites. The orders for tools primarily concern the rail activity. Part of my work also consists in carrying out a quality control on the equipment. Finally, I deal with the logistical needs of the staff on the site.

What do you like most about your job?

I particularly like the relationship with the suppliers upstream. I also really appreciate my role on the Facility Management team. This is a function I have only held for 2 years and because of my experience in the company I think I convey the image of someone who is conscientious and responsive in the department.

I you didn't do this job, you would be…

A cook! I really like cooking. And that goes well with my love of gardening: I have a vegetable garden. And now that my three boys have grown up, I shall be able to get back into cycling, another activity I enjoy.