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The MMM community

The MMM community

Anne-Cécile Mironneau, IMS* Department Financial Manager, Romain Faure, Commissioning Manager, and Vincent Garcin, Project Manager for the Fréjus tunnel, present the MMM community, intended to bring Mobility managers together.

What does MMM mean?

Mobility Middle Managers! This community was created in 2016 to bring managers together, enabling them to discuss their practices and thus foster a feeling of belonging. The community comprises around 20 people with various profiles, from the projects and support service departments alike. The community's members are representative of the specialist roles within the company.

How does the community operate?

The MMM community brings together people who do not work together on a day-to-day basis. The first step is to get to know each other, and to learn about each member's respective role. By sharing our experience, we have created bridges and facilitated communication between Mobility's various companies and departments. This serves to enhance our agility and autonomy with respect to the departments.

We meet for a seminar three times per year, during which we define our lines of action and the areas on which to work. And we work in small groups so as to put forward new ideas and propose areas for innovation to the business unit managers.

In what areas is the MMM community involved?

To start with, we worked on issues suggested by Human Resources, such as how to conduct an individual management interview, well-being at work, and working in a multicultural context.

Then the community grew and we defined our own areas of focus based on the following topics:

  • Attracting and retaining talent
  • Reinventing supplier partnerships
  • Encouraging investment: business unit R&D budgets

Our late 2018 seminar evolved into a discussion session with the Management Committee on the subject of the company's strategic priorities. Our aim now is to put forward concrete proposals to foster these areas of commercial growth.

What benefits have you noted so far, for managers and for staff?

We can no longer imagine what Mobility would be like without this community! It has to be said that it is highly beneficial for everyone. Our discussions and sharing of experience make us take a step back from our day-to-day work, enabling us to gain some perspective.

Now, even though the benefits are not necessarily evident to staff, this community is essential as it serves to convey messages between the Management Committee, managers, and the company as a whole. For instance, our work on individual management interviews has had a positive impact for staff members.

Anything that enables a manager to develop is also of benefit for team development: today, we have better knowledge of HR processes, as well as the company's fundamental issues, latest developments and strategic challenges. Familiarity with the activities of other business units helps to create synergies between teams. This all fosters cohesion and gives meaning to our work.


* IMS: infrastructure management systems