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Working at Mobility

Mobility undertakes to make our employee's satisfaction and career development a top priority.


Welcome Day, an opportunity to get to know each other

Welcome Day: an opportunity to get to know each other
Regardless of your background or the position that you are taking up with us, we will make sure that you receive a tailored introduction to the company.

Every year, we organise a day enabling newcomers to gain an understanding of Mobility and the full extent of its multi-disciplinarity: our values, our specialist fields, our methods, our shared objectives, and our extra advantages!

The day includes interactive discussions and workshops, enabling you to better understand your environment and providing context for your assignments.

Mobility around the world

Our international aspirations mean that we need staff abroad at all times. If you are geographically mobile, speak several languages and have an entrepreneurial mindset, become an ambassador for Mobility outside France. Join our Mobility Integration and Learning programme!
Our company's expatriated workforce has increased tenfold in two years.



Working at Mobility also means...


Training throughout your career

  • Creation of customised professional and personal development plans
  • In 2015, our training budget stood at 2% of our payroll costs.
  •  PLIM (Program Learning Integration Mobility): An ambitious program of accelerated training and knowledge sharing of Mobility expertise.


Having several careers in one

Career management

Sharing, innovating and growing

  • Sharing and co-working groups on various topics
  • An Innovation & Perspectives Committee to create the Mobility of tomorrow
  • Specialist discussion groups within the Vinci Group
  • Opportunities to make a contribution to society (VINCI Foundation)

Transferring knowledge and providing support

  • Participate in relations with universities and provide future graduates with an insight into our business.
  • In-house coach (mentoring, specialist advisor, process coordinator, etc.)

Achieving a work-life balance

Mobility reserves day-care places for its employees' children, and the day-care centre offers emergency solutions to support our employees in case of unforeseen events (e.g. if a childminder is unwell or an employee is held up unexpectedly).