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All aboard for the Grand Paris Express!

All aboard for the Grand Paris Express!
published onMay 27, 2019

Within the Grand Paris Express project, a consortium made up entirely of VINCI Energies companies, namely Mobility (contract holder) and SDEL Transport Grands Projets, has won the contract for the traction energy work on the southern section of metro line 15.

The contract encompasses all design, provision, installation, testing and commissioning services pertaining to the traction energy equipment. The 35 km section on which we will be working is entirely underground, stretching from Noisy-Champs to Pont-de-Sèvres.

The journey on the Line 15 South from Noisy-Champs to Pont-de-Sèvres, with 14 stations in between, will take 37 minutes, travelling through 22 municipalities and serving more than a million inhabitants. All of the stations will offer connections to the RER regional express trains, metro, tramway and/or public transport with dedicated lanes. Line 15 South will offer a real alternative to the use of cars for suburb-to-suburb journeys, helping to relieve the pressure on other public transport lines within the Paris metropolitan area.

Line 15 South is due to be commissioned in 2025. It will subsequently form part of a large 75 km ring around the capital, when combined with Lines 15 West and East, scheduled for 2030. The Line 15 South contract is worth €62 million.


Noisy-Champs station © Société du Grand Paris - Agence Duthilleul