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Canada: renovation of the Calgary highway

Canada: renovation of the Calgary highway
published onFebruary 23, 2018

Mobility is finalising a design study to modernise the lighting on the emblematic Deerfoot Trail highway, near Calgary.

Named in honour of a Siksika First Nation runner known for his exceptional speed, the Deerfoot Trail six-lane highway runs for 46.4 kilometres to the east of Calgary.

The Deerfoot Trail, which was built in several sections from 1974 to 2005, is famous in Alberta as the most-frequented road in the province, with 170,000 vehicles per day. This is more than double the number for which it was designed.

Alberta Transportation, the subsidiary of the Alberta government that operates and maintains all highways in the province, has signed a contract with Carmacks Enterprises (a subsidiary of Eurovia) for highway maintenance.

Within the context of this maintenance contract, Mobility has been asked to conduct a design study with a view to replacing 1,700 sodium light fixtures with LED lighting along a 35-km stretch of the highway.

To date, 50% of the light fixtures have been purchased and the study is currently being finalised. We can take satisfaction in the fact that Alberta Transportation has chosen to invest in the light fixture monitoring system recommended by Mobility, for which provision was not originally made in the contract.

Mobility's Canadian staff are proud to be associated with this project, which aims to modernise this emblematic highway for Calgary's inhabitants.