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High-speed project in Orléans

High-speed project in Orléans
published onSeptember 9, 2019

Line A of the Orléans tram system was put back into service at the end of August after work that included creating two new stations. Mobility Crossway was informed at the end of February, and completed the CO’Met station project within six months.

The works have led to the creation of one of the two new stations near the future CO’Met complex, to be completed in 2021, which will include a 10,000-seat sports hall, a congress centre and an exhibition centre. A third track has also been created to better serve the Orléans Zenith concert hall. The new section has been equipped with a railway signalling system using NS1 technology.
The work was carried out during a seven-week shutdown over the summer, meaning that cooperation between contractors and speed of work were of the essence.