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Mobility is improving its CSR performance.

Mobility is improving its CSR performance.
published onApril 18, 2019

Having received gold-level EcoVadis certification in 2018, Mobility has further improved its ranking in 2019 and has made it into the top 2% of companies in terms of CSR performance.

For many years, Mobility has been committed to a CSR approach that applies the main principles of the VINCI Group's Manifesto . Boosted by the strength of their convictions, the company's staff is continuing to develop and structure its approach to social responsibility.

In 2015, Mobility joined EcoVadis, a platform to assess and improve the CSR performance of stakeholders in the procurement chain, based on social and environmental aspects, business ethics and sustainable purchasing. EcoVadis operates in 198 sectors of activity in 155 countries.

This year, Mobility has climbed the rankings largely owing to significant improvement in responsible purchasing (up 10 points) and the aim, widely shared by staff, is to go even further!

Objectives for the future include evaluating suppliers according to their CSR performance, creating a panel of responsible suppliers to orient the purchasing process, and taking the recyclability of products into account at the purchasing stage and in preparation for product end-of-life.