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Orléans chooses Cway for its electric buses

Orléans chooses Cway for its electric buses
published onJune 11, 2018

The Orléans Métropole urban authority is renewing its bus fleet and will switch over entirely to electric vehicles by 2025. Our e-Bus business unit will be providing support for this transition in the form of Cway, our smart fleet charging solution.

Since May 2017, three electric buses manufactured by Yutong and Heuliez have been in use on the transport network, to test passenger and driver comfort, battery life and charging times. Cway has a role to play in relation to the latter two aspects.

We have thus delivered and commissioned a 50 kW charging station at the Keolis Orléans site. The charging station has been used to perform interoperability tests with the Heuliez and Yutong buses. These tests have proved conclusive. The charging station will be replaced this summer with a 3×50 kW station designed to charge three electric buses.

The solution implemented in Orléans ensures:

  • interoperability regardless of the bus manufacturer;
  • the ability to charge up to three buses simultaneously;
  • the free distribution of the total power (150 kW) between the connected buses, according to requirements;
  • redundancy between the power modules for maximum availability.