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RER D: a high‑wire worksite!

RER D: a high‑wire worksite!
published onApril 21, 2016

As part of plans to safeguard the electrical power supply for line D of the Parisian regional express train network, the SNCF has launched a programme of enhancements and compliance upgrades to its substation traction units, as the existing equipment dates from the 1970s.

Mobility was responsible for replacing these traction units and ensuring an increase in capacity. The challenge was to carry out the necessary work while keeping the substations operational.

However, the context has changed since the equipment in question was built: access railway tracks no longer exist in certain cases, the infrastructure is more complex, and there is higher density traffic. This new environment imposed a number of logistical and administrative constraints. The work was therefore carried out at night in order to minimise the impact on traffic.

The worksite also posed an operational challenge. Each transformer weighs 22 tonnes, so we required a 220-tonne crane and all the logistics that this involves: four semi-trailers to transport the counterweights and transformers, and a crane truck, and the associated team of 12 staff.

Bringing their know-how and professionalism to bear, the Mobility teams successfully replaced eight traction units.