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Two major achievements for the Doway team

Two major achievements for the Doway team
published onMay 16, 2017

The Doway staff, in their constant quest to optimise transport infrastructure and reduce integration and operation costs, recently made two major achievements.

Laser scanner technology to optimise upgrades to catenary lines

Surprising new applications for 3D technology are continuing to emerge, and it is now being put to use, with excellent results, in the upgrading of catenary equipment. Our staff have completed work, on behalf of SNCF R├ęseau, in three railway tunnels on the French-Italian border. In order to reduce the time spent by staff on the railway lines, they used a laser scanner to produce a point cloud, thereby creating an accurate 3D model of the scanned environment. This model then made it possible to produce up-to-date catenary diagrams within an optimised timescale.

Energy simulation for the Marseille metro

As part of work to renovate the Marseille metro, the Doway staff brought to bear their expertise in complex projects by creating a simulation of the metro's electrical traction system. Intended in order to validate new metro operation plans, the aim of the simulation was to:

  • Check the capacity of substations following the installation of new metro trains that have higher energy consumption levels.
  • Establish the minimum interval between trains that can be achieved with the existing electrical network architecture.

These two achievements demonstrate, once again, the innovative capabilities and technical expertise of Doway.