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Vichy opts for Cway

Vichy opts for Cway
published onJuly 5, 2018

The Vichy Communauté urban area authority, which gained the TEPOS (positive energy territory) label in October 2017, is moving on from its fleet of diesel buses. Our e-bus business unit is providing support in this transition to electric vehicles.

As from November 2018, the Mobivie urban transport network will incorporate four 12-metre Bluebus vehicles, running entirely on electricity. This is a first in France, outside the Île-de-France area.

The urban authority has selected Mobility's Cway solution to charge its fleet of electric buses via four 50 kW charging points. This charging system is interoperable, thanks to its use of the CCS standard and Combo2 connector. And, as its fleet of electric buses grows, the Vichy Communauté will be able to count on Cway to optimise energy consumption at its depot.