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Croix-Rousse tunnel, Lyon

Delivery date: 2014 - Client: Grand Lyon


An essential link between the east and west of Lyon, this single-tube dual-carriageway tunnel carries urban traffic totalling 47,000 vehicles/day.
In addition to the major renovation work to bring the 1750-metre tunnel up to standard, a second tunnel was cut, dedicated to “soft” modes of transport (pedestrians, cyclists and electric buses).

Services performed

Design and construction contract
As part of the consortium coordinated by Vinci Construction:

  • Removal of existing equipment
  • Design and manufacture of new equipment and supervision systems

Technical Details

  • HV/LV power (13 MW installed capacity, with 80 HV cells)
  • Lighting
  • Ventilation
  • Signalling
  • Radio
  • Video
  • Emergency phone network 
  • Fire control 
  • Animation and architectural lighting in the soft-mode tunnel
  • Hypervision software


World first: tunnel dedicated to soft modes of transport alongside an existing road tunnel.
Continuity of operation: work during interrupted service at night
Animation and architectural lighting in the soft-mode tunnel


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