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East-West Highway, Algeria

Delivery date: 2015 - Client: Agence Nationale des Autoroutes


This motorway crosses Algeria from east to west, a distance of 1216 km, and links all the main cities in the north of the country (Annaba, Constantine, Setif, Algiers, Chlef, Tlemcen, etc.). It is the first motorway in Algeria, with three lanes in each direction, facilitating east-west communication, improving traffic flow and enhancing traffic safety. 

Services performed

Design and construction contract
For the Japanese consortium COJAAL responsible for the Eastern section (four double-tube tunnels with a total length of 10 km)

  • Design and manufacture of all electromechanical systems 
  • Supervision system

Technical Details

  • HV/LV power (six substations)
  • Tunnel ventilation (50 booster fans) and inter-tube ventilation
  • Signalling
  • Video (100 cameras)
  • Automatic incident detection
  • Fire detection
  • Fire-fighting network (9 km)
  • Emergency phone network
  • Supervision system for the four tunnels (8,000 I/Os)


The largest road project in Africa


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