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Supervision systems, Neuchâtel, Switzerland

Delivery date: 2016 - Client: OFROU


Part of the crucial link between the economic centres of Zurich and Geneva, the city of Neuchâtel is crossed by 20 km of two-lane motorway, of which 16 km in tunnels.
All of the supervision systems were fully overhauled, enhancing safety and traffic flow for over 40,000 vehicles per day.

Services performed

Total overhaul of the former architecture implemented by Mobility 25 years ago

  • Entry into the era of virtualisation and Web 2.0
  • Work performed overnight, jointly with around ten other companies

Technical Details

  • Gateway allowing gradual changeover from the old architecture to the new
  • Canton-wide Hypervisor (70,000 I/Os) overseeing all supervision systems;
  • General traffic management: expert system which combines calculated rules and pre-programmed scenarios (1,300 signals)
  • Traffic management in the West and Serrières tunnels (1,500 signals)
  • Control of auxiliary devices (1,400 items)
  • Control of ventilation (six extractors + eight fans + 34 boosters)
  • Design and implementation of the totally virtualised architecture


Continuity of service: night work, reopened to traffic each morning
Work in parallel with other companies: extra coordination
@way inside
Web 2.0 MMI