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High speed railway line Sud Europe Atlantique

Delivery Date: 2017 - Client: LISEA


Construction of a high speed railway line from Tours to Bordeaux, extending the existing high speed line from Paris to Tours and cutting journey times from Paris to Bordeaux to 2 hours and 5 minutes, for an overall investment of €7.8 billion.

Enhance rail service to Toulouse and Spain.

Services performed

Coordination of the two sub-consortia responsible for the overhead line and the motive power supply.

  • Design (system engineering, RAMS studies)
  • Implementation studies
  • Supplies
  • Work
  • Tests
  • Final documentation
  • Participation in integration tests

Participation in overall project management


Technical Details

302 km of new double-track line, crossing three French regions, six departments, 113 municipalities, 14 Natura 2000 zones (200 protected species)

Commercial operation at 320 km/h

  • 38 km of links to the existing network
  • Overhead line 2× 25 kV
  • 4× 225 kV or 400 kV substations
  • 13× 60 MVA motive power transformers
  • 27× feeder stations
  • 55× 10 MVA or 15 MVA autotransformers
  • 13,000 overhead line supports
  • 1,320 km of overhead line cables



Since 2012, Mobility has supported the Sillon Solidaire endowment fund. Created at the initiative of COSEA, LISEA and the Fondation VINCI pour la Cité, this fund aims to support associations working to fight exclusion in regions along the route of the Sud Europe Atlantique (SEA) high-speed railway line.

Sillon Solidaire supports projects focusing on access to housing, mobility, and academic achievement.





Coordination of RTE services to provide 225 kV or 400 kV supply lines (within the scope of the concession). Industrial organisational structure for the overhead line.
Progress at 1,300 m/day, working on two fronts
Very short timeline: 73 months.
First rail concession in France, lasting 50 years.


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