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Luxembourg tramway

Delivery Date: 2018 - Client: LUXTRAM


Ensure safe transport for passengers on Luxembourg's first tram line.

Services performed

  • Design, supply, installation, test and commissioning of the new-generation railway safety signalling system using safety PLCs, along the entire length of the line and at the depot
  • A more compact system that is more suitable to upgrading and faster to deploy than a conventional system with NS1 relays
  • Implementation of a train-to-ground communication system to enable each tram to select its route.

Technical Details

  • At the depot: automated management of 32 trams covering 162 routes
  • Lines: two terminal stations, one double crossover, three spacing zones, one 275 m section of single track
  • Three SIL4 automated safety PLCs
  • 50 axle counters / 150 detection loops
  • One centralised supervision system.


A customised signalling system taking the operator's specific needs into account
A compact solution installed directly at the side of the tracks (no need for technical room)
Interfaces integration: rolling stock, road signalling, AVLS, etc.
Complete security: SIL4 automatic control


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