Development and integration of charging systems for electric buses via the Cway solution. Standard global or custom solution addressing all charging issues for electric buses, from connection to the grid to the outlet.

A smart solution for charging E-bus fleets: CWAY

With the new decree on clean buses, urban transport networks will be gradually switching over to all electric. And this raises the issue of charging them. Charging one bus is easy. But charging 20, 50 or 200? The Cway bus fleet charging system is THE groundbreaking solution designed to tackle this issue.

Automatic management of optimum charging for each bus

SAVINGS : By scheduling charging, Cway eliminates peak consumption times, thereby reducing the infrastructure and operating costs.

AUTONOMY : By collecting and analysing operation, bus, weather and traffic data, Cway accurately charges the batteries each night in anticipation of the needs and constraints of the next day, which guarantees optimum charging.

SCALABILITY : Cway allows scalable sizing based on the development of the bus fleet and the number of lines in the network.

SIMPLICITY : Cway makes life easier: a single contact person manages your turnkey project and provides you with an intuitive, multi-platform interface.

The collection and processing of operation, bus, weather and traffic data means actions can be taken to ensure better bus charging. Cway is compatible with all electric vehicles and will therefore be able to meet the needs of different urban areas.

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An award-winning solution

Winning solution in the  Innovation Awards VINCI, , Sustainable Development category, in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region.


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