Technical assistance

The result of Mobility’s engineering expertise offers optimised solutions for transport infrastructures to reduce the cost of integration and operation.

Design, studies and consultancy

  • During the design phase for advice on optimised solutions
  • During the operation phase to ensure project plans are followed
  • Support to ensure teams have the necessary expertise

Operational safety engineering

  • Ensure overall system performance via a recognised scientific approach throughout the life cycle
  • Use proven scientific tools to demonstrate the safety of the designed system

Network simulation, sizing and optimisation

  • Optimise consumption on existing lines
  • Size the energy network appropriately for future lines
  • Anticipate network developments

Discover our references on technical assistance

LGV Sud Europe Atlantique: Implementation by Mobility

Construction of a high speed railway line from Tours to Bordeaux, extending the existing high speed line from Paris to Tours and cutting journey times from Paris to Bordeaux to 2 hours and 5 minutes, for an overall investment of €7.8 billion.

Bordeaux More information