The strength of an international group

Mobility is a major actor in the development of mobility infrastructures within the VINCI Energies group.

Our reputation is built on our ability to resolve complex issues. These issues represent a constant challenge and are the true driving force behind our innovation and development.

They affect our organisation, leading us to form ad hoc teams, drawing on our own human resources as well as those of our VINCI Group partners.

They push us to think ‘universally’ and to develop our locations all over the world so that we can meet the expectations of our customers as closely as possible.

The strength of VINCI Energies group

In a world undergoing constant change, VINCI Energies focuses on connections, performance, energy efficiency and data to fast-track the rollout of new technologies and support two major changes: the digital transformation and the energy transition.

With their strong regional roots, agile and innovative, VINCI Energies’ business units boost the reliability, safety, sustainability and efficiency of energy, transport and communication infrastructure, factories, buildings and information systems.

Number of employees, locations, organisation, revenue… VINCI Energies essentials at a glance.