Itinisère operational control system

An original concept for the sharing of road and public transport operating resources, with a high-availability and fully virtualised hardware architecture


Itinisère operational control system


The Department of Isère operates the 5,100 km of roads in the department, 20% of which are located in urban areas. These roads are operated from a dedicated building in Grenoble, which houses everyone involved in Isère’s mobility, from road administrators to multimodal transport administrators.

The Itinisère project addresses the new road-related challenges arising from the department’s need for economic and demographic expansion and tourist appeal.

Services provided

  • Creation of the Road Control Centre, including a Traffic Management Support System.
  • Installation of shared tools for all Itinisère systems :
    • Data sharing server coordinating inter-system exchanges.
    • infocentre combining road and public transport data.
    • Configurator pooling reference and map data.
  • Installation of front-end systems connected to the road and video equipment.
  • Supply and configuration of the system and network infrastructure.
  • Ergonomics and layout for the operations room.

Technical details

  • Traffic Management Support System with operational support.
  • Open-source solution.
  • Compatibilité DATEX II compatibility.
  • Geolocation.
  • Mapping.
  • Inter-site redundant core network.
  • VMware HA redundancy.


  • Two image walls.
  • 17 km of fibre-optic cable.
  • 5,200 km of road.

Date 2014
Client Isère Departmental Council

Traffic management