Railway Signalling, Maintenance and Stabbling yard – T13

Protect train movements and ensure traffic performance

Services provided

  • Design, supply, installation and commissioning of a non-proprietary railway signalling system (interlocking).
    • Traction current feed-back circuits.
    • Interface with national railway signalling system.
  • SIL4 Software Assessment by an Independent Safety Assessor (ISA) – CENELEC 50128.
  • Safety studies and safety case for revenue service authorization
  • Operation and maintenance trainings

Technical details

  • System based on SIL4 CENELEC safety PLC (HIMA). Interface with track equipment’s through NS1 relays.
  • 13 switches, 8 track circuits, 1 axle counter detection area, 8 route signals.
  • Touch screen HMI in technical room with possible remote access.
  • 17 simple routes, 13 complex routes.
  • Switches and track locking functions.

Key points

  • SIL4, tailor made, non-proprietary signalling system, adapted to specific customer needs.
  • Turnkey project delivered in 18 months.
  • Interface with national railway conventional signalling system .
  • Financial performance (CAPEX & OPEX) compared to conventional systems (PIVOS).

Date 2020/ 2021
Client SNCF

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