Railway signalling, Luxembourg Tramway

Ensure safe train movement on the first LRT line of the city of Luxembourg


Railway signalling, Luxembourg Tramway

Services provided

  • Design, supply, installation, tests and commissionning of a new generation interlocking system.
  • 5 interlocking zones on the line and one stabling and maintenance depot.
  • SIL4 software assessment by an Independant Safety Assesor (ISA).
  • Safety case up to authorities’ approval.
  • Operation and maintenance training.

Technical details

  • System based on CENELEC SIL4 Safety PLC’s (HIMA).
  • Stabling and maintenance depot : automatic movement of 32 trains on 162 routes.
  • On line : 7 interlocking areas including one single line management.
  • 50 axle counters / 150 detection loops.
  • Train to track communication system for drivers route setting request.
  • Operational control center.


Key points

  • Turnkey customized signalling system.
  • Maximum railway security level (CENELEC SIL4).
  • Smooth interfacing with other systems (Rolling stock, traffic signalling, AVLS,…).
  • Compact system installed in trackside cabinets (no need for signalling room).


Date 2018

Infrastructure safety