Renovation of the La Fontaine Tunnel – Innovative Project by Mobility

The Louis-Hippolyte Lafontaine tunnel is a major infrastructure in Montreal that allows crossing of the Saint Lawrence River. The tunnel consists of two 3-lane tubes, each spanning 1400 meters, and was inaugurated in 1967. It accommodates the passage of approximately 120,000 vehicles per day. The Ministry of Transportation of Quebec has entrusted the Renouveau La Fontaine consortium to undertake the major refurbishment of this infrastructure, vital to the city of Montreal. Mobility and its partner Grimard are assisting the consortium in managing the refurbishment of electrical and telecom systems, thus contributing to the modernization of the tunnel. This rehabilitation project is being carried out while maintaining the infrastructure operational, which requires rigorous planning and coordination with all disciplines involved.

Scope of work

  • Installation and commissioning of new electrical systems under operation
  • Electrical and telecommunications equipment of traffic tunnels and service and evacuation corridors
  • Installation and commissioning of telecommunications systems
  • Provision of an automatic incident detection system
  • Migration from the old system infrastructure to a new one
  • Dismantling of the previous infrastructure


  • Agile Methodology
  • Migration under operation

Road and tunnel equipment