Technological innovations improve the performance and reliability of our transport systems, but they must also ensure their safety. Mobility's turnkey signalling systems secure the performance of your transport infrastructures.

Mobility Crossway

Safety first

Zero compromise on safety: this is a strict prerequisite for each and every project we undertake. And, when safety is carefully planned from the initial design phase, it comes with optimum performance and without any major constraints. After more than 15 years of collaboration with operators and maintainers, we are able to offer safety solutions that do not affect performance or operating conditions.

Non-proprietary and bespoke systems

We are completely open in the design of our architectures and software, which means our customers are free to scale or extend their systems. Manufactured on a large scale, the equipment we use benefits from a level of robustness that no “proprietary” solution could achieve. This means we are creating the latest generation of systems, perfectly suited to the exact needs of our customers.

Change management

Rolling out safety systems on an infrastructure that is in operation is a job for specialists. Migration management and user familiarisation are decisive factors in the success of projects. We support our customers in change management. From determining requirements to training operators, this approach guarantees the overall performance of the transport system.

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