Extension of Bordeaux Tramway A : Rail Signaling by Mobility

The extension of tram line A in Bordeaux connects Bordeaux-Mérignac Airport to the city center, providing a new transportation solution for travelers and avoiding the uncertainties of road traffic.

Bordeaux Métropole entrusted Mobility with the implementation of the railway signalling system for this extension. The purpose of this system is to manage tram movements safely throughout the entire extension of the line, while ensuring the operational performance of the line. The project was successfully commissioned on April 29, 2023.

Services provided

  • Studies, supply, installation, and commissioning of the railway signalling system based on SIL4 safety PLCs
  • Detection using axle counters on the single track, and using track circuits on the junction
  • Training of operating staff

Technical details

  • 5 km of single track with 5 passing stations containing 20 axle counters, 82 flashing lights, 12 sirens, and 22 controlled signals
  • A junction containing 9 track circuits
  • 6 signaling cabinets, 5 of which are located trackside
  • SIL4 safety PLCs

Key points

  • Centralized architecture: a 5 km single track managed as a single zone with 5 redundant communicating cabinets but a single CPU.
  • Works and tests under operation for the junction of the line.

Railway electrification