Railway signalling, Marconi depot – Brussels

Automation of the most recent depot in Brussels connected to 5 LRT lines.

Services provided

  • Design, supply, installation, test and commissioning :
    • New generation (interlocking) railway signalling system.
    • Depot management system (Operational Control Center).
  • Development of a real-time simulator for validation and training purposes.
  • Safety case up to authorities’ approval.
  • Operation and maintenance training.

Technical details

  • Management of 70 trams and 130 routes.
  • System based on SIL2 safety PLCs (Siemens S7).
  • 140 SIL3 track circuits (Elektroline).
  • 72 Safety Optical fences.
  • 85 Signals.
  • Dynamic axle impedance measurement system (Shunting).
  • Operational control center (Siemens WinCC OA): Dynamic monitoring of trams, Timetable management, input/output timing, HMI, etc…

Key points

  • Automatic management of tram movements for optimised performance.
  • Commissioning under operation without timetable disturbance.
  • System adapted to the customer’s operating rules.

Date 2017/ 2019
Client STIB

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